"La différence entre l'érotisme et la pornographie c'est la lumière". Bruce LaBruce

dimanche 4 décembre 2016

Pat Rocco, 1934. USA

Pat Rocco et Brian Reynolds 

Brian Reynolds and Pat Rocco at a Hollywood pool party. 1969.


Brian Reynolds. Circa 1970.

A still from Pat Rocco's short film,  A Breath of Love.  Brian Reynolds, pseudonym Chuck Robinson, poses nude on the Hollywood Freeway. Circa 1969.

Alan Dark (standing) and Ron Dilly in the nude in  The End  from part of the  Pat Rocco Dares  program. Circa 1970.

Alan Dark in  Pat Rocco Dares  program

Beverly Hills hair stylist Eduardo Raya cuts Paul Bach's hair while nude. circa 1970.

Contestants at the Groovy Guy contest. 1977.

Dakota wins the trophy at the Groovy Guy Contest. 1972.

Danny Boy nude in leather boots banging a drum. Circa 1970.

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