"La différence entre l'érotisme et la pornographie c'est la lumière". Bruce LaBruce

mercredi 2 mars 2016

Keith Vaughan, 1912-1977. Angleterre

Les carnets

Partie 2

Drawing of men working on Nissen huts, 1941

Drawing of the head and shoulders of a young boy, 1941

Drawing of three figures in a group at night, 1939

Drawing of three or four figures on a beach, 1953

Drawing of two figures in a cabin with a stove, 1941–2

Drawing of two men in caps in conversation, 1939

Drawing of two stylized skeletal figures, 1939

Eight drawings of figures on one sheet, 1943

Four drawings of figures, 1943

Journal number twenty one 19 May–16 June 1944

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