"La différence entre l'érotisme et la pornographie c'est la lumière". Bruce LaBruce

samedi 27 février 2016

KEITH VAUGHAN, 1912-1977. Angleterre


Abstract drawing of a squatting naked figure clutching their genitals and exposed intestines, 1943

Detailed drawing of a skull and coffee grinder on a stool, 1951 

Detailed drawing of men playing with a ball on a beach

Drawing entitled ‘Communication of Hate’, 1943

Drawing entitled ‘Warrior’, 1960 

Drawing of a boy with his arms raised above his head, 1939

Drawing of a group of five nude males, 1958

Drawing of a naked male youth lying down, 1939

Drawing of a nude male with a pot plant, 25 August 1949

Drawing of a nude man and woman sitting down, 1949

Drawing of a seated male nude, 2 February 1949

Drawing of a uniformed figure surrounded by tree branches, 1939

Drawing of an abstract headless male figure, 1943

Drawing of detailed face and arms, 1948

Drawing of five nude men and a small selection of shading studies, 1939

Source: Tate Modern

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