"La différence entre l'érotisme et la pornographie c'est la lumière". Bruce LaBruce

dimanche 17 janvier 2016

Sage Sohier

Gordon and Jim, with Gordon's mother Margot, San Diego, CA, 1987

Doris and Debie, with Doris' daughter Junyette, Los Angeles, 1987

David and Eric, Boston, MA, 1986

Herb and Dana, Quincy, MA, 1988

Bill and Ric, with Ric's daughter Kate, San Francisco, 1987

Brian and Hanns, Key West, FL, 1988

Sue and Shelley, with four of Shelley's five children, San Carlos, CA, 1988

Stephanie and Monica, Boston, MA, 1987

Marty and Rip, New Orleans, 1988

Trip and Alan, Key West, FL, 1988

Lloyd and Joel, San Francisco, 1987

Linda and Nancy, Key West, FL, 1988

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